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I am a loyal friend and good listener. I am a positive person and enjoy good quality conversation over coffee.

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Long walks, slow dances, boating and canoeing are favorite pastimes of mine. I love nature but also enjoy a nice evening out in the city as well.

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I am a reader of books especially the Bible. Don't always spend time in church but have my own relationship in my private time with God. I am focusing more and more on my artwork. I am making time for myself and the things and people I love.

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Just left a management position and no longer on call. I also am good at being a great friend.

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I will listen and hold things in confidence. My close friends know and love this about me.

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They know I am trustworthy and a supportive friend. I am good at my artwork and find it therapeutic. I have been told I have a clever and witty sense of humor. I enjoy someone who can make me laugh.

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Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food My favorite foods are seafood, BBQ, fresh vegetables and fruit, and coffee. I enjoy a good wine in moderation once in awhile.

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I like all types of music: Classic rock, country, blues, easy listening, even some of the current top forty.