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Filled with cafés, shops, movie houses, restaurants, galleries, and hotels, this is also the transportation hub for subway and RER transfers. Visits to Notre-Dame and Sainte-Chapelle are musts. Explore the back streets between Boulevard Saint-Germain and the Seine for a sampling of avant-garde galleries and bookstores.

There are scores of excellent and charming hotels and restaurants here, but be prepared to pay for quality and style.

Artists and craftspeople have their workshops in the many alleys and courtyards of the area. Oberkampf is the latest area to explode with hopping nightlife.

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The area is expensive and somewhat ruined by the arrival of international clothing and fast-food chains. The walk between the Arc de Triomphe at Étoile and Place de la Concorde, where Marie-Antoinette lost her head, will be memorable, day or night.


The Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens, included in this area, are essential stops for all Paris visitors. The area is quiet at night and sometimes a bit too sedate for visitors wishing for the excitement of street life.

Although upscale and pricey today, these cafés continue to attract the cultural crowd and are worth visiting. The area is filled with small hotels, regional restaurants Breton crêpes shopsand stores.

The view is breathtaking.

Südtirolerplatz Underground station is also only a short distance from the hotel. Guests will reach the South Station, St Stephen's Square, and the historic city centre of Vienna in less than 5 minutes with the U1 underground line, while the Vienna International Centre is only 15 minutes from the hotel.

Once a Cautare Housekeeper 78100 unto itself, today it attracts both Parisians and visitors for its charming little streets around the striking Sacré Cœur Basilica, its tiny restaurants, and art-lined Place du Tertre. Pigalle is dotted with porn shops and sex shows. Place Blanche is celebrated for its prostitutes and transvestites. In the summer, the area is overrun with busloads of tourists from Germany, England, Cautare Housekeeper 78100 Holland.

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Outer Arrondissements Here we have grouped other hotels, restaurants, attractions, and nightlife worth visiting that fall outside the inner arrondissements. Each arrondissement is its own political entity, with a mayor and district government.

Every Paris postal code address begins with 75, the number of the state or department, followed by the arrondissement number. For example, indicates the 1st arrondissement of Paris, and is the 20th arrondissement of Paris. A quick tip on French addresses: Street numbers running north—south begin at the unofficial T I P Seine and increase as they move away from The arrondissements are it. Odd and even numbers on a street Cautare Housekeeper 78100 not organized starting in the always fall opposite or even very Cautare Housekeeper 78100 each middle of the city and other.

If you see a street Cautare Housekeeper 78100 with the letcircling like a whirlpool ters bis or ter after the number, the address clockwise. Finally, the French are accusate yourself easily.

Example: 23, rue de Rivoli. Okay, so Paris has arrondissements, but how are they different? There are extremely charming spots in almost every area of Paris, and every arrondissement enjoys subway Métro access.

Unlike other large cities, Paris is very dense and the distances are not overwhelming. The distance between subway stops in Paris represents a five- to ten-minute walk.

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The scale of Paris permits active visitors to cross most of the city by foot. In short, the Seine River cuts Paris in half, along an east—west axis. The Left Bank today can be as upscale as the traditionally more bourgeois Right Bank.

You may decide to stay on the Left Bank, but there are equally attractive offerings on the Right Bank.

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So although some people prefer one over the other, there are great locations to be found on both sides of the river. There is no shame in being a tourist. In fact, the best way to visit Paris is as a tourist.

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The negative images the word conjures come from the early days of group travel, when Europe became accessible to culturally insensitive mobs. Les bises lay beezhowever, that funny but tender ritual of planting a succession of tiny pecks on the right and then left cheek of the man or woman you are greeting, is tantamount for Parisians to the Anglo-Saxon handshake or backslap.

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Each Parisian has his or her habit, style, and number, ranging between two and four. Parisians who have migrated from the south of France or other provinces may tend to use the more loquacious and elaborate succession of three or four kisses. Come into a room with 11 cousins and three sets of close friends and their flock of kids, and be prepared to buckle down for a good ten minutes of facial gymnastics.

The country is a republic, divided into 22 regions of which the Île de France is one with Paris at its center. Within these 22 regions there are 96 states or départements.

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Population of France 64, Population of Paris 2. French National Independence Day 14 July, dating back to when the Bas- tille was stormed and independence was won from the monarchy.

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Voting Age Driving age: Drinking age: 18 16 for beer and wine. Chief of State President, elected by popular vote for a five-year term. Store Hours Generally 9 a.

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Banking Hours Although these vary from bank to bank, hours are most often 9 Cautare Housekeeper 78100. Some branches are closed from noon or p.