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The Museum of Natural Sciences - Constanta. It is located on the shore near Mamaia Constanta and consists of: Dolphinarium, Planetarium, micro-delta and exhibition of exotic birds and decor. Dolphinarium - In the Black Sea dolphins live three subspecies, namely: porpoise, common dolphin and bottlenose dolphin. Constanta Aquarium hosted its basins of all three species of dolphins in the Black Sea. Have 2 pools one outdoor and one indoor. Dolphins live in the Black Sea dolphin species and sea Dating Black Woman Montpellier.

Constanta Planetarium confesses today hardly penetrated the mysteries of heaven. A new world beyond consists of stars, planets, meteors, galaxies, but you will be helped to reveal to travel through them using your constellations. Constanta Planetarium features an observatory and a solar observation station.

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Constanta is a micro-delta microreserve animals containing an exhibition of exotic birds. Heritage this objective has swans, ducks, pelicans and geese, peacocks, pheasants and mammals as: fallow deer, mouflon, roe is found in the Danube Delta Dating Black Woman Montpellier Reserve and Reserve Negureni. Most of these copies are protected species of nature with a more reduced representation in natural ecosystems.

Access: Bus lines 40, 41, Station Constanta Dating Black Woman Montpellier. Address: B-dul Mamaia, no. Hours: Monday - Friday: - Saturday - Sunday: a. Villa North Lamer Eforie provides the opportunity to make trails in all of these goals. Tropaeum Trajan triumphal monument was built by Emperor Trajan to evoke between victory over the Dacians. It was reconstructed in after one of the hypothetical models of the old monument found in ruins.

The museum housed inside it there are parts of the original monument. Nearby there is a large shrine ruin on whose walls were inscribed the names of about 3, Romanian soldiers who died in battle with the Dacians.

Obiective - LaMer - Vila Eforie Nord, Pensiune Eforie Nord

Trajani Tropaeum Museum - opened in and contains numerous archaeological remains discovered in the city and surroundings. On one side of the museum are exhibited metopes, lower and upper frieze, pilasters, battlements and scalloped parapet Tot site ul lumii of Attica.

In the center of the room is exposed colossal statue trophy frieze inscription and arms. Other exhibits include the collections of pottery, Hamangia culture, ceramics tems, amphora Greek, Roman and Byzantine, lamps, tools, ornaments, fragments of aqueducts, sculpture, epigraphic documents.

Address: City Adamclisi Constanta.

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Program: Off season - daily: Here lived St. Therefore in this place considered Romanian Orthodox Mecca every year on Saint Andrew, tens of thousands of believers come in pilgrimage from all over the country to honor the memory of those who opened the door of Christianity in Romania. Dervent Monastery At about 20 kilometers from the border with Bulgaria, coming from Ostrov, on a hill where you can admire the sparkling waters of the Danube, in times away from flooding is Dervent Monastery.

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White walls and red roofs, Dating Black Woman Montpellier silver your attention from a distance. During major holidays of Spring Healing thousands of believers come here to reculeaga or energized beneficial for the whole year and take water from the spring that flows only on this day. Tourists who want to rest and reculeaga in this place full of faith may require hosting in monastic complex near the church. Histria, Dobrogea On the shores of Lake Sinoe, "at a distance of stadia sacred mouth of Istria" as Strabo says are Histria - the first Greek colony on the western shore of the Black Sea and the oldest town in Romania.

Located about 65 km from Constanta, on the way to Tulcea, Histria is today probably the largest archaeological reserve of the country.

Today tourists can visit what remains of the old city.

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Dating Black Woman Montpellier walls are reminiscent of the grandeur of the building first. Only the western part of the city has 10 towers and two gates.

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The fortress gate guillotine was protected by two large towers. One can easily see the shopping district tabernae exposing the place where goods brought for marketing. It also covers a large area economic district, where workshops were discovered ceramics and metal processing, bakeries etc.

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But the Eastern Delight domusinstead of the local aristocracy buildings. Located on the lake, they were equipped with bathrooms, courtyards, rooms for supplies, which proves the privileged position of the nobility.

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Romanian influence is seen in this famous public baths thermae supplied through aqueducts that brought water to about 30 km, the prison tower used as a weapons depot and earth walls that protected the city from external attacks.

Nature took millions or even billions of years to create such wonders.

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Located on the right side of the valley Casimcea, Constanta county, about 45 km northwest of Constanta, Dobrogea Gorges are declared nature reserve. Since MK village, where there is the international airport of the Dating Black Woman Montpellier name, along the road until the town Casimcea runs beautiful Keys Dobrogea, with reserves that impresses the variety of vegetation and wildlife.

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Settlement houses Targusor reserve "mouth Dobrogea an important objective of geological, biological and spelunking. Landscapes are of rare beauty - natural ditches cross the steep banks of the valley gorges, caves dug into the limestone particular plant species, and important archaeological discoveries.

Reserve consists of limestone from the Jurassic period, this finding is a fauna and flora deosebit.

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Calcarele key interest them, the remnants of atolls, which justifies the rounded shape of the walls. Besides natural beauty, the area is dotted with numerous archaeological remains, especially those found in caves scattered throughout Dobrogea Gorges - scrap tools, hunting and even traces of bone type people who inhabited the area in prehistoric times. Reserve mouth Dobrogea Dobrogea is a complex mouth caving, paleontological, geological and fauna located near the villages Limanu and Targusor and includes cave "Mouth Dobrogea" or "Bat" and caves "Adam".

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Dobrogea mouth belongs to the steppe in the forest steppe island penetration Dating Black Woman Montpellier that are related mostly rugged portions. Floristic list includes about taxa, of which a total of 47 species are found in the Red List of vascular plants. Vertebrate fauna is well represented by a total of species 6 species of amphibians, 10 species of reptiles, species of birds and 23 mammalsmany national and international protected.

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The area offers good conditions for a large number of birds of prey day and night. Access: Only auto route Constanta - Kogalniceanu to town Targusor 12km.

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The village is half right indicator towards Panteleimon. After ~ 8 Km on the field, there is the "No Reserve Dobrogea Gorges" and the road begins to descend towards the pier.

Camp Capidava Romanian fortress was built on a limestone spur just across the bay around which clustered round the present village. This can be seen massive and monumental ruins of the fortress of sec. IV AD Roman fort walls were built of cut stone, cubic small. Around him were two deep trenches dug defense with wave of land between them.

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It can be assumed that, like other Roman camps and Capidava have a rectangular plan with four gates and towers inside. Among the most important monuments discovered in Capidava enroll the epigraphic and sculptural, and ceramics: vases, amphorae, buckets of clay jar vases, bowls, lamps.

The objects were discovered metal, bone, glass, stone, earth, coins. Of the nearly 50 epigraphic monuments discovered, 25 are funerary stelae and the rest are altars, votive, honorary or simple.

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Sculptural monuments are found in number 15 and represent capitals, a hand, a time column, a leg, a snake, an eagle.