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Contact și credite Originally written by Alex Dunae at Dialect dialect. Capturi ecran Simple to get started with the Smush setup wizard. Watch as your image library is processed — up to 50 images at a time.

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Set automatic smush to resize and optimize every image as it is uploaded. Smush will find and optimize images for you.


Întrebări frecvente I just finished running Smush and Google PageSpeed still says my images need Dating Limges gratuit and resizing.

How do I fix it?

Duration Based on duration, one may speak of session cookies and permanent cookies. Session Cookies Permanent Cookies Session cookies disappear once the user closes the browser window. All permanent cookies have an expiration date written in their code. According to the ePrivacy Directive, the cookie should last no longer than 12 months, but in practice, many cookies have a much longer duration. Ordinary cookies can easily be viewed and deleted by the user, as we will explain later on in this article.

This means your images were not properly scaled for where they are being displayed. Scaling images before uploading them can be time-consuming but can save space and speedup load time.


First, determine what size your image needs to be. You can use the built-in images size detector included in the free version of Smush to find what height and width your image should be.

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Once you know how large the image should be, scale your images to the right size. PageSpeed Insights is telling me to defer offscreen images.


Can Smush fix that? Lazy Load will defer your offscreen images from loading until they are needed. Smush Lazy Load works Dating Limges gratuit of the box or can be customized based on your needs.

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Does Smush delete or replace my original full-size images? WordPress crops and resizes every image you upload for embedding on your site. By default, Smush only compresses these cropped and resized images, not your original full-size images.

To compress your original full-sized images, use Smush Pro. They should only be used if the image is animated. PNG is best for computer generated graphics vectors, logos, fonts, etc.

JPG should Dating gratuit AD used for photography or images with a lot of color variation.

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EXIF data stores camera settings, focal length, date, time, and location information in image files. EXIF data makes image files larger but if you are a photographer, you may want to preserve this information.

Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images

Why would this happen? If your images seem to be processing correctly, check the file size of the images being skipped. Images over 5mb will be skipped. To compress images up to 32mb, get Smush Pro.

How am I supposed to know if Smush is working? Great question!

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It is important to understand Dating Limges gratuit is an optimization tool that uses lossless image compression to save disk storage space and speed up your site. Smush squeezes data from your image files that will save space, resize huge images, and improve speed without changing quality.

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You can track file size changes in your media library, individual image savings, directory savings, and Smush total savings with Smush stats. Every little bit of resource savings is important when it comes to page-speed!

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Optimizing all the image sizes generated by WordPress, images being imported from plugins and themes, and images from other web sites is a painful and time-consuming process. Smush automatically handles optimizing all your images no matter where they come from and can be used as a standalone tool or alongside Photoshop.

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Can Smush do that? WebP and other Next-Gen formats are not supported on all browsers and require fallback images.

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For that reason, WebP conversion is only available in Smush Pro. Is it optimize or optimise? It depends what side of the pond you live on…but whether you say optimize, optimise, optimizer, or Smush goddess of speed, this plugin will make sure your images are loading lightning fast.