Dating site in 27. How Does An eCommerce Platform or CMS Influence SEO Success?

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Recently one of our partner companies asked me eight questions, some of which seem sometimes simple or obvious, but Dating site in 27 more I thought about my experience in the last 20 years in the online world, the more I found to add to any answer.

The questions ranged from how to select the right platform for an online business to how to allocate unica intalnire Lille budgets across channels or whether to prioritize mobile over desktop or not. In the end, I wanted to share it, as our partner company probably will be not the only one having questions like these.

Scalability and fit for your business model. Let me share a story to illustrate these points. Well over 12 years ago, at the dawn of eCommerce in Romania some quite experienced entrepreneurs started five projects in parallel to validate their ideas Dating site in 27 to get some market response.

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So, they opened two eCommerce stores with different products, a dating site, a technology supply site and a social network. Most people in their place would have worried what would happen if things did not work out. But to some degree all their ventures had some success and started to grow.

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This is where the question turned the other way round: how far can I get with my platform if it has success? The social network looked like the early Facebook and was neat and nice, but started to get extremely slow once people started really using it simultaneously… It was built quickly, but not lasting.

It had to be rebuilt already three months after the launch, before validation was completed. The dating site used an extraordinarily complex algorithm to match partners according to their compatibility, which was completely new in Romania and stirred quite some interest.

Dating site in 27

However, even long before reaching the firstmembers calculating these compatibility scores became a technological adventure… the database type used was not the optimal one for such an atypical amount of data, among many other misses.

For any other dating site it would have been good though.

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So, it was rebuilt within the first six months. The first online shop was doing quite fine, it used Magento, an open source eCommerce platform, with many features built in, a living community, so many plugins and themes were available, and it was just easy to get started. The shop did not sell anything out of the ordinary, eyewear and sunglasses, so implementation and customization was straight forward.

And because Magento had a plugin for nearly everything it was easy to add new features. The second shop however, also used Magento.

Because Magento has functionalities for nearly everything you find in eCommerce it was easy to start the shop and relatively cheap for its scope still some 30k EUR or so. However, this time it was different: this shop, was a closed shopping club and having flash sales which daily or at least weekly changed.

Dating site in 27

This required a lot of customization and the sheer volume of operations per week may have exceeded the activity of a typical online merchant per season. Also, the shop grew fast and became really popular. It expanded even to over 10 other countries.

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But they had to stay with Magento for many years nevertheless — after all, you cannot just change the entire infrastructure you are sitting on if you have a crazy growth phase. So, what they did was hiring more and more developers and buying more and more servers.

Back then, however, it was very hard to find good developers who could work with Magento and the ones available were extremely expensive and well above typical market rates… Eventually, some years later, the platform was changed, with something very custom, especially built for this type of shopping club and their specific workflows, starting with buying, inventory management, content Dating site in 27, the marketing and sales cycle and finally fulfillment and retour.

Re-making this lasted maybe two years and costed accordingly: it needed entire extra teams, so current operations were not endangered. It is a crazy exercise to calculate how much money and time could have been saved if a custom platform for this project would have been used from the start… or to think of the lost SEO opportunities in the first years… As for the fith technology platform: it was also mainly eCommerce functionality which was needed, and Magento did a great job here.

In short: a platform which is good for one business, may not be the right fit for the next. This is why our advice for anybody starting to Dating site in 27 a digital business is to do the unpopular work of being really clear about the final goal, but also workflows, support, marketing needs and anything else specific to your business.


Dating site in 27 it down, document it and then check each platform if they are a good fit for these needs, or if they turn out to be more like a quick fix solution. If you plan to take a local business such as a bakery or small niche business like a winery or some jewelry online — chances are good that an existing platform will be the right fit. But if things are getting larger or have special features, it really pays off to take the extra time.

Am decis amândoi să descărcăm Tinder și să vedem ce se întâmplă.

Make sure you also have an answer for questions like these: Where should this business be in 2 or 3, in 5 years and from 10 years from now? Is it a popular niche store? Local, national or even international?

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How many employees will work there and what are their roles? What exactly do they have to do on the website? How many items are to be showcased on the website? How often do they change? What are their special, unique characteristics e.

Dating site in 27

How will fulfillment look like?