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Biblioteca Online Timişoara, octombrie or demonology. The adulterous women preferred to be taken as possessed by the evil.

They wanted to be considered as being forced by the devil to have sexual relations and all these through obscure ways. The Inquisition represents one of the most obscure parts of the human history because it organized witch huntings. The chronicles of the time Lanere and Martin del Rio describe how a 12 years old girl confessed how her mother — who had been burnt at the stake — had forced her to give herself to the devil.

This little girl — Jeanne Hervillier — was burnt at the stake as Madelaine de la Croix — a superior mother in a Spanish monastery.

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The latter had thrown herself at the feet of Pope Paul the third in order to do penance for the awfull sin of periodically receiving for 30 years the visits of the devil. In the Ancient Greek the word had two meanings: 1 to offer and 2 to sacrifice.

In the attempt to reduce to a common denominator the different evaluations, characterizations or definitions given to prostitution psycho — sociologists preoccupied to specify its practicing.

Beyond any etymological meaning, most of the definitions aim both the commercial and moral aspects of this practice.


Prostitution represents an infringement of the law. It is a responsible act of a person who has Firstom Garcon motor de cautare relations in order to assure his financial means of existence. Nowadays it is punished with privation of freedom from 6 months to 4 years. The action of prostitution emphasizes the public morality of his sexual behavior. Laws in many countries does not sanction so much the practice of prostitution as the accosting of parteners.

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This is another argument according to which the law condamns rather the infringement of public morality that the injury done to the victim — injury which does not exist as a juridical action. Even though there is an expression of juvenile prostitution or masculine prostitution, the immoral acts done by the women are the most exposed to the public scorn and they are more sanctioned than those done by men.

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This includes the sexual, economical and family aspects! On the other hand, since a prostitute female can satisfy the demand of several men, she is more immoral than her clients.

Dinitz, A. Clarke and R. This definition is ambiguous because it includes a lot of woman social conduct. There are marriages where women commercialize their advantages in exchange for getting advantages from their husbands or there are unmarried couples where Firstom Garcon motor de cautare woman — partner recquires advantages from partner.

On the other hand, sexual incitement can be practiced not only in institutions built on this purpose, but also in institutions that suppose relationships between men and women for example the court paid to a woman or even the marriage can be taken into account. Sexual incitement is encountered in every day life; advertising on this topic occupies prior positions; in general the message of advertising is supported upon the presentation of some sexual tempting young women.

The above definition talks about Firstom Garcon motor de cautare commercial or economical aspect of prostitution — considered as a type of institution that treats women as merchandise or capital goods. Prostitution is considered as a temporary relation between a socially wrong woman and a respectable client, relation that makes