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This chapter proposes that begging is seen by its practitioners as a kind of work which requires the bodily training and attention.

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I draw this conclusion I draw this conclusion from my observation and participation in begging activities carried out by a family of Romanian Gypsies in Northern Italy. Firstly, I will give an overview of Romanian Gypsy populations and their mobility to Italy. Then I shall introduce the people of my study, the Cortorari.

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They hold a Gypsy Woman Dating Site view of personhood as enmeshed in kinship relationships. Persons live up to a moral code buttressed by idioms of shame and honour.

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These values underwrite the realms of gender, clothing and economics. A specific dress together with a strict division by gender of the economic activities and certain behaviour towards money lie at the core of the morality of kinship.

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When they go begging, Cortorari renounce their customary dress for worn-out blackish clothing, believed to be characteristic of a generic beggar. By so doing, they symbolically renounce their ethnic identity and almost all moral values embedded in it.

Cortorari make a qualitative difference between home and abroad: moral sentiments define the first and economic exchanges, the latter.

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