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The University has a strong research profile, a South Channel Woman intalnire model of governance 16 Departments, 4 Polytechnic Schools and various training centresacting as a regional network for education and training promoting strong links with the surrounding community and was a pioneer in launching degrees in new subject areas.

Sincethe University of Aveiro organized short programmes on social innovation, called "Social Innovation Workshops" that put working together people from social organizations, city council employees and academics, in order to find solutions to social challenges.

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It involves a diverse group of participants, a multidisciplinary teaching team teachers from management, social sciences and design and a methodology guided by the principles of design thinking. Currently, the University of Aveiro collaborates in the SEFORIS Social Enterprise as FORce for more Inclusive and Innovative Societies research project that seeks to understand the potential of social enterprise in the EU and beyond to improve social inclusiveness of society through greater stakeholder engagement, promotion of civic capitalism and changes to social service provision.

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